About CBxShield™

CBxShield™ was created to provide a hemp and cannabis-free alternative to the cannabis-dominated CBD market. The products we offer at CBxShield™ are not only THC-free, but they have no relationship with hemp, cannabis, or marijuana whatsoever. Instead, we formulate our products with limonene-derived CBD (CBx) which uses a revolutionary new process that harnesses the untapped potential of citrus peels, a waste product, to create a groundbreaking compound that is molecularly identical to hemp and cannabis-derived CBD.

Cannabis-derived CBD presents various concerns to consumers. Pesticide, mycotoxin, and solvent contamination is rampant within the CBD industry, and in the absence of proper regulatory oversight, consumers continue to be exposed to contaminants that pose serious health risks. While the rise of hemp and cannabis-based medicine shows great promise in the treatment of various ailments and chronic conditions, our growing concerns regarding the quality and sourcing of cannabis-derived CBD inspired us to offer a safer and more reliable alternative.

We were driven by our deep concern regarding the ongoing volatility of the legal status of hemp and cannabis-derived CBD. While it’s possible that hemp and cannabis-derived CBD will remain available for years to come, this legally-volatile market could just as easily be entirely eliminated overnight. For consumers who rely on CBD for their health and well-being, this unpredictable state of affairs is highly disconcerting, and it could even become life-threatening. By sourcing CBD from non-cannabis substances, CBxShield™ makes these obstacles obsolete and offers reliable access to 99.5% pure, bio-identical CBD (CBx).