What is CBxImmune?

What is CBxImmune?

CBxImmune™ is a proprietary combination of limonene-derived CBD (CBx) and adaptogenic reishi mushrooms that provides a synergistic boost to the multitude of benefits these substances individually provide.

The unique benefits of CBD are well-documented, and adaptogenic reishi mushrooms offer impressive immunological and lung health effects. Combined, they become a powerful force in a post-COVID world.

How does CBxImmune™ work?

Reishi mushrooms have long been used to enhance the immune system, reduce stress, improve sleep, and lessen fatigue while people often use CBD for inflammation, pain, nausea, and a variety of other purposes. The reishi mushroom is the most popular nutraceutical mushroom species in the world, and CBD is fast becoming one of the most well known natural supplements across the globe. Combining these two powerful ingredients creates an unparalleled defensive homeostasis in your body that promotes optimum  health during the ongoing pandemic times and beyond.

CBxImmune™ offers benefits that no other CBD product provides:

  • Purity – while hemp and cannabis-derived CBD commonly contain pesticides and heavy metals, CBxImmune™ does not, and this unique formulation provides the purest form of CBD currently available on the market
  • EfficacyCBxImmune™ contains the same molecules found in hemp and cannabis-derived CBD products without being burdened by legal constraints or land use impacts
  • Repeatable Outcomes – hemp and cannabis-derived CBD strength vary based  on where and how the plant is grown. CBxImmune™ is manufactured using Cyclic Terpene Assembly,  which means it comes out the same every time, providing consumers with repeatable experience and outcomes with the product.
  • Legal EverywhereCBxImmune™ is not derived from the hemp or cannabis plant, therefore it is not considered to be a byproduct of a Schedule 1 drug. It is safe for YOU to use without fear.
  • Unmatched Shelf Life – Unlike hemp or cannabis-derived CBD which has a potency shelf life of approximately 6 months, the ingredients we use in CBxImmune™ maintain their potency for 18 months.

There is nothing on the market today like CBxImmune™Pre-order your 30 capsule bottle today.